Sunshine City Scare offers a variety of exciting activities for attendees. 
From contests to panels, we have activities for everyone!

Cosplay Co

Sunshine City Scare is excited to host two cosplay competitions and celebrate the costumers that bring our favorite characters to life! There will be $1,000 in cash prizes awarded at the Craftsmanship competition. Pre-registration is recommended.

Sunshine City Scare welcomes a one-of-a-kind TikTok Film Festival to celebrate the overlap between anime horror fans and TikTok users. Bring your creativity and show us what you’ve got by submitting your own TikTok! $300 in cash prizes available for winners.

Sunshine City Scare brings you a sensational Lip Sync Competition where entrants will compete for $200 in cash prizes! Sign up now to join in on the fun!

Sunday, May 14th, you’ll have the chance to win $100 in our Fan Art Contest! Join us in a 45 minute race to create the best fan art creation!

Happy Murder’s Day!

Sunday May 14 is Mother’s Day. And Sunshine City Scare will honor mothers all weekend. We believe mothers deserve more than a boring ham dinner and a dozen soon-to-be-dead flowers. Mothers deserve a special experience tailored just for them. For the special day, Sunshine City Scare crafted a concoction called “Happy Murder’s Day,” celebrating mothers who are murderers or who have birthed murderers in horror movies. Happy Murder’s Day represents a wide range of horrifically wonderful movies from Psycho to Pearl – and everything in-between. Activities are free and include Happy Murder’s Day card-crafting, a special photo space, and a hallway cosplay contest. Read the blog to learn more.