saturday 4pm

main stage

Application deadline is April 19. Contestants compete for $500 in cash prizes and cool trophies.

Prepare to unveil your masterful cosplay creations at the Craftsmanship Cosplay Contest during Sunshine City Scare! This competition invites cosplayers to showcase their painstakingly crafted costumes, vying for enticing cash prizes and captivating trophies. What sets this contest apart is the esteemed panel of judges—our advanced guest cosplayers—who will bring their discerning eyes and wealth of experience to evaluate the intricate details and dedication woven into each cosplay entry. Beyond being a mere contest, it’s an unparalleled opportunity for participants to impress and gain recognition from some of the most talented figures in the cosplay community. 

Get ready to astound and let your craftsmanship shine at Sunshine City Scare! There will be $500 in cash prizes and cool trophies awarded for the Craftsmanship Contest. Pre-registration is required (below). Deadline is Friday, April 19.