sunday 3pm

main stage

Applications accepted till Sunday, May 12, at 1pm. Contestants compete for $200 in cash prizes and cool trophies.

Sunshine City Scare invites makeup artists and SFX enthusiasts to showcase their transformative skills in our unique Makeup/SFX Competition, one of the few standalone competitions in the nation. Judged exclusively from the neck-up, this competition is an unparalleled opportunity for artists to demonstrate their mastery in creating eerie and captivating makeup looks.

Whether you excel in horror-inspired SFX or possess a talent for crafting otherworldly beauty, this competition is the perfect platform to showcase your artistry. We encourage all makeup and SFX enthusiasts to apply and be part of this exceptional event where creativity knows no bounds! Don’t miss the chance to leave a lasting impression in our Makeup/SFX Competition at Sunshine City Scare!