Chris McCullough of Five Nights at Freddie’s to appear at Sunshine City Scare 2024

In the realm of voice acting, Chris McCullough stands as a seasoned professional, having meticulously honed his craft by breathing life into a diverse array of characters. Yet, it is within the haunting landscapes of horror gaming that his talents ascend to their zenith. Set to command the spotlight at Sunshine City Scare, McCullough is poised to enthrall audiences with his masterful portrayals of Foxy the Pirate, Fredbear, and Pigpatch. 

Foxy the Pirate

Foxy, the cunning and mysterious pirate animatronic, has become an iconic figure within the FNAF franchise. McCullough’s ability to infuse the character with an air of menace and unpredictability has solidified Foxy’s place as a fan favorite. Learn more about the characters in the Florida Comic Cons blog ‘Foxy the Pirate 101.


Recognized for his iconic bear-like appearance, Fredbear’s enigmatic connection to the unsettling history of Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza adds a layer of depth to the lore. Bringing this character to life through his voice is the talented McCullough, who skillfully infuses Fredbear with a haunting and mysterious quality. Learn more about the character in the Florida Comic Cons blog ‘Fredbear 101.’


Pigpatch, the whimsical animatronic character, brings a playful charm to Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza. And the character is voiced by McCullough, whose skillful delivery adds a delightful and entertaining dimension to Pigpatch’s character in the FNAF universe. Learn more about the character in the Florida Comic Cons blog “Pigpatch 101.’

Join the FNAF celebration at Sunshine City Scare

Sunshine City Scare’s FNAF celebration includes voice actors who portray 6 characters from the video games. And all of the characters have Pop figures, making the event a rare opportunity to buy and get all 6 autographed. In addition, there is free FNAF gaming (FNAF Help Wanted VR, FNAF Core Collection 1, 2, 3). Not to mention the amazing FNAF cosplay that will be on display. Learn more about the FNAF celebration.

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