fnaf celebration

Sunshine City Scare’s FNAF celebration includes voice actors who portray 6 characters from the video games. And all of the characters have Pop figures, making the event a rare opportunity to buy and get all 6 autographed. In addition, there is free FNAF gaming (FNAF Help Wanted VR, FNAF Core Collection 1, 2, 3). Not to mention the amazing FNAF cosplay that will be on display. Learn more about the FNAF celebration.

fnaf voice actors

In the expansive realm of voice acting, Chris McCullough and Joe Gaudet have become notable figures, each carving a niche by lending their talents to a myriad of characters. However, it is within the highly acclaimed Five Nights at Freddy’s horror game that their collective talents truly shine. Chris McCullough’s impressive roster includes iconic FNAF characters such as Foxy the Pirate, Fredbear, and Pigpatch, while Joe Gaudet has left an indelible mark with his portrayals of Rockstar Foxy, Mr. Hippo, and Funtime Foxy. Together, these two accomplished voice actors have added layers of depth, suspense, and entertainment to the immersive world of FNAF, making them key players in the franchise’s audio narrative and ensuring that each of their characters resonates as iconic within the gaming community.

fnaf pop figures

FNAF fans are in for a treat with all of these six iconic characters having been immortalized in Pop figures. Vendors will be selling FNAF Pops, and the voice actors will be autographing Pops. For collectors and aficionados alike, having these Pops autographed by the talented voice actors adds a unique and personal touch to owning a piece of FNAF history.

fnaf gaming

Sunshine City Scare offers FNAF enthusiasts an immersive gaming experience with free access to various titles, including the thrilling FNAF Help Wanted VR and the FNAF Core Collection encompassing the first three installments. Sponsored by Unlimited Video Games in Pinellas Park, attendees can revisit the iconic gameplay and narratives that define FNAF, ensuring a spine-chilling and fully immersive experience at the event.

fnaf cosplay

Sunshine City Scare 2024 will also be a haven for cosplay enthusiasts, offering a platform to showcase their creativity by embodying the iconic characters from the franchise. Last year’s event saw jaw-dropping cosplay, and the same is anticipated for this year’s show.

fnaf photo meetup

Sunshine City Scare’s Five Nights at Freddy’s photo meetups, one each day, brings together cosplayers immersed in the eerie world of animatronic horrors. Scheduled for a captivating session, cosplayers portraying characters from the beloved franchise gather for a visually stunning and professional group photo, creating a creepy and authentic atmosphere that resonates with the spine-chilling essence of FNAF. See schedule for days/times.