the walking dead celebration

Sunshine City Scare’s The Walking Dead celebration brings the post-apocalyptic world to life with a featured voice actor portraying Javier in The Walking Dead game series as well as renowned The Walking Dead artist Scott Spillman. IN addition, attendees can immerse themselves further with free gaming sessions, including the acclaimed video game “The Walking Dead Telltale,” offering a unique opportunity to navigate the emotional and suspenseful narratives of this iconic series. And don’t forget The Walking Dead photo meetup!

the walking dead video game voice actor

Stepping into the spotlight at Sunshine City Scare, Jeff Schine, a seasoned voice actor, captivates audiences with his versatile performances across iconic gaming characters. Notably, he showcases his ability to embody diverse roles in narrative-driven gaming experiences by lending his voice to Javier in The Walking Dead game, adding depth and authenticity to the post-apocalyptic narrative.

The walking dead artist

Renowned horror artist Scott Spillman’s captivating work has garnered widespread acclaim, gracing the pages of prominent books and magazines, as well as catching the eye of viewers in an AMC television commercial and the celebrated Behind the Dead documentary for AMC’s The Walking Dead 100th episode.

The walking dead gaming

“The Walking Dead: Telltale” game, offered as a free gaming experience at Sunshine City Scare, is celebrated for its narrative-driven gameplay and emotional storytelling. Players embark on a gripping journey in a post-apocalyptic world, making crucial decisions that shape the course of the story and create a unique gaming experience.

the walking dead photo meetup

The Walking Dead photo meetup invites cosplayers, delving into the eerie post-apocalyptic world of the franchise, to gather for a scheduled session. This unique opportunity not only captures a visually stunning and professional group photo but also accentuates the creepy and authentic portrayal of The Walking Dead characters through cosplay, adding an extra layer of spine-chilling realism to the event. And it’s free! See the schedule for the day/time.