Sunshine City Scare boasts an eclectic lineup of guests, featuring the haunting voices from the Five Nights at Freddy’s video game as well as another voice actor from Resident Evil and The Walking Dead games. and a stellar roster of Florida’s foremost cosplayers, creating a diverse and thrilling experience for attendees.

chris mccullough

Video Game Horror Voice Actor

A seasoned professional in the world of voice acting, Chris McCullough has carved a niche for himself by lending his vocal prowess to a myriad of characters. However, it is in the realm of the incredibly popular Five Nights at Freddie’s horror game that his talents truly shine. His FNAF characters include:

  • Foxy the Pirate
  • Fredbear
  • Pigpatch

joe gaudet

Video Game Horror Voice Actor

Joe Gaudet, the accomplished voice actor, has left an indelible mark in the FNAF universe, lending his talents to bring animatronic characters to life. His contributions have added depth, suspense, and entertainment to the immersive world of FNAF, making him a key player in the franchise’s audio narrative. His FNAF characters include:

  • Rockstar Foxy
  • Mr. Hippo
  • Funtime Foxy

Jeff Schine

Video Game Horror Voice Actor

Jeff Schine, a versatile voice actor, has notably excelled in the realm of horror, leaving an indelible mark on spine-chilling narratives. His commanding vocal performances contribute to the immersive and suspenseful atmosphere of various horror titles, showcasing his talent for evoking fear and tension in the gaming world.

  • Chris Redfield in Resident Evil Village
  • Carlos in Resident Evil 3
  • Javier in The Walking Dead: A New Frontier, and in Walking Dead: The Telltale Definitive Series

the star cos

Guest Cosplayer

At just 18 years old, The Star Cos is redefining cosplay by infusing her distinctive style into beloved characters. Drawing inspiration from drag and high fashion, her cosplays boast originality and a fresh take on classic personas. 

The accolades garnered, including the Best in Snow title at Holiday Matsuri 2022 and a Judge’s Award at Spooky Empire 2022, underscore her talent and innovation. 

With a massive following of over 1 million on TikTok and 82,000 on Instagram, she captivates audiences with her extraordinary creations and inventive interpretations.

In addition, The Star Cos coordinates all of guest cosplayers, including the Advanced Guest Cosplayers and Emerging Guest Cosplayers.