Jeff Schine of Resident Evil and The Walking Dead to appear at Sunshine City Scare 2024

Jeff Schine, a highly skilled voice actor, takes the spotlight at Sunshine City Scare, enchanting audiences with his versatile performances across iconic gaming characters. Renowned for his portrayals of Chris Redfield in Resident Evil Village and Carlos in Resident Evil 3, Schine brings depth and intensity to the survival horror genre. Notably, his talent extends beyond Resident Evil, as he also lends his voice to Javier in The Walking Dead game, showcasing his ability to embody diverse roles in narrative-driven gaming experiences.

Chris redfield

Jeff Schine skillfully brings the stalwart character Chris Redfield to life in Resident Evil Village, infusing the renowned military figure with depth and resilience. As players navigate the complex and mysterious narrative of the haunting village, Schine’s portrayal adds an additional layer of authenticity, capturing the essence of Chris Redfield’s enigmatic role in the Resident Evil series. Learn more in the Florida Comic Cons blog Resident Evil 101.


In Resident Evil 3, the character Carlos Oliveira emerges as a charismatic and skilled operative. Jeff Schine’s portrayal of Carlos infuses the character with depth and charm, capturing his pivotal role in aiding Jill Valentine and navigating the zombie-infested Raccoon City. Learn more in the Florida Comic Cons blog Resident Evil 101.


Javier Garcia, a central character in The Walking Dead game series, stands out as a determined and empathetic survivor navigating a post-apocalyptic world. Jeff Schine’s portrayal of Javier adds a nuanced and compelling layer to the character, as players experience the challenges and moral dilemmas that define Javier’s journey in the gripping narrative. 

Join the resident evil celebration at Sunshine City Scare

Sunshine City Scare’s Resident Evil celebration guarantees an immersive journey into the heart-pounding realm of survival horror. Featuring a talented voice actor embodying major characters, attendees can anticipate a captivating experience. The celebration further offers complimentary gaming sessions, allowing fans to engage with the chilling narratives of Resident Evil video games. 

Join the walking dead celebration at Sunshine City Scare

Sunshine City Scare’s FNAF celebration includes voice actors who portray 6 characters from the video games. And all of the characters have Pop figures, making the event a rare opportunity to buy and get all 6 autographed. In addition, there is free FNAF gaming (FNAF Help Wanted VR, FNAF Core Collection 1, 2, 3). Not to mention the amazing FNAF cosplay that will be on display. Learn more about the FNAF celebration.

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